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Hundreds of Volunteers Co-Create Public Art in Schools


GREAT NEWS from partner, 20/20 Vision for Schools! For their Winter / Spring 2015 mural season they’ll be producing six murals with seven great schools from January through June. Rumor has it they may be adding a seventh!

Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists (BX) • IS 117 Joseph Wade (BX) • New Dorp HS (SI) • Progress HS (BK) • WATCH Academy HS (BK) • PS 102 Bayview School (BK) • FDNY HS (BK)

Follow their progress on their blog or join the small army of volunteers and students who are co-creating the murals here – http://ow.ly/K7goO

Students in three Mural: Master Classes have begun interpreting the THRIVE theme contextually for their respective schools. Here’s a preview that includes the location comps and early design concepts (not final designs) at New Dorp High School, IS 117, and Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists.