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Supply the Future

The Legacy Center’s Supply the Future initiative sponsored the distribution of 3107 backpacks in 2014 with school supplies throughout a network of 21 local schools. Working in collaboration with school administrators, TLC provides backpacks to students classified as high-risk or at-risk. These students include children living in shelters, foster care, students whose families recently relocated to the United States and students whose parents are in crisis (domestic violence, sudden unemployment, etc.).

Delivery Methodology: The Legacy Center believes that if the next generation of students is well equipped they will be successful in school. To that end, TLC partners with individuals, churches and other non-profits to collect donated backpacks or donations to purchase discounted supplies (because we’ve done this year after year we now have great buying power with local wholesalers). TLC volunteers then sort the supplies, pack the backpacks, and assist in distribution to the schools.

We welcome partnering with churches that would be interested/willing to raise funds or recruit their congregants to donate backpacks and school supplies. They could also choose to start like Christ Tabernacle did, by sponsoring one or two schools in the neighborhood and keep showing up. We started by providing backpacks and now we are invited to read books to the students, we provide Thanksgiving Dinners and Christmas gifts to the same children that receive backpacks and then those families are invited to other events hosted by TLC.

Supply the Future Began as a Church Initiative Called Operation Backpack

Ralph Castillo and Operation Backpack from 20/20 Vision For Schools on Vimeo.