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Meet Vicky from the Bronx

One way communities are partnering with schools across the City is to reinvigorate art education back into schools. For example, Thrive Collective places teaching artists in schools around the city to teach visual arts, music, and film in collaboration with non-profits like Elevate NY.

This video chronicles the impact acclaimed artist Domingo Zapata had on Vicky, one of his students at Bronx Studio School in Hunts Point last year. Reflecting on her time learning from Domingo and other Thrive Collective artists, Vicky recalls:

“The inspiration was having to dig inside yourself, to find the true piece of art that lies within you.” – Vicky, 11th Grade (Bronx)

Domingo invites the NYC art world to re-create a public school system befitting the art capital of the world. “If they can afford a painting of mine, then they can afford to help.”

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