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Get Started Guide

Twelve Steps to Thriving School Partnerships

Take Action

You get it. You’re ready to partner with a local school to empower students to thrive. Now what?

It’s time to get started.

This Get Started Guide walks you through a twelve step process of cultivating a meaningful partnership with a local school.

By “process,” we mean actually doing stuff. Not just talking or thinking about how good it would be to do something someday. By “meaningful,” we mean … more than pizza parties or service projects.

Building a Strategy

Find a School

Find public schools near you using our school finder by entering your zip code.

Then become students of the schools. Learn all you can about them, and determine which one might be the best fit for your constituents.

Access educational data on the school’s website through the Department of Education’s school portal at http://schools.nyc.gov. Interpret the data using independent research from http://InsideSchools.org and other third party sources.

Balance out the numbers by speaking with people from the school to hear real world stories and anecdotal insights.

Become their friends. And start serving.

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Grade Level
Needs Level


Becoming a Partner

The goal of school partnerships is to develop and cultivate lasting relationships between students, parents, community stakeholders, and schools. While many community groups have served schools in a variety of capacities for many years, we hope to raise the bar from “project-based” involvement to asset-based partnerships based on a long-term, personal relationship between stakeholder organizations and the administrators, teachers, staff, and parents of their partner school.

Best Practices for Faith-Based Groups

Check Out The PDF’s Below!

The pdfs below by CityServe Portland offer guidance specifically for faith-based groups that want to partner with public schools while respecting church/state issues. School Partners NYC embraces faith-based partners as strategic community allies in equipping students to maximize their full potential.

Gathering School Leaders

Created by CityServe PDX

How To Get Started

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FOR versus WITH

Created by CityServe PDX

What Is A Partner

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